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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

24 Hour of SQL Server 2008: Reach Your Data with SQL Server 2008

Hi friends I have attened another session of 24 Hour of SQL Server 2008. In these session presenter discuss about how you can easily maniputlate data in your application with the new features of SQL Server 2008.

Following are the topics discussed in this session

1. Using Service Broker
2. Creating Data Service
3. Consuming Data Service

In this session we learnt about:

a. The tools available to application developers to access data flexibly in SQL Server 2008.
b. How Service Broker solves many of the problems faced when working with distributed data enviornments.
c. ADO.NET Data Services provide a powerful yet simple alternative to SOAP based web access.

You can download the presentation file by clicking link given below

24 hrs of SQL 2008 Reach your data with SQL 2008.pdf

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