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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

MSDN Nuggets on Silverlight

I find six MSDN Nuggets on Silverlight. Following are the details for the same.

Silverlight Streaming
Silverlight Streaming is a hosted service at which provides developers and content creators the ability to host Silverlight content on the service and integrate into their websites. More

Silverlight - Linking Silverlight and ASP.NET Projects
With Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008 it is possible to develop Silverlight applications as a separate project and embed that project within an ASP.NET site. This gives clean separation between your Silverlight and ASP.NET applications without any complicated deployment. More

Silverlight - Debugging between Mac and Windows
An unusual nugget in that it was recorded on a MacBook Pro. It demonstrates the concept of debugging a Silverlight application running on Safari from a Visual Studio (on Windows) developer machine. This solution runs out of the box with the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008. More

Silverlight - Using Ink
A brief introduction to using an InkPresenter element to receive ink based input from users. First, we introduce the InkPresenter element in XAML and follow-up with the code (C#) to capture and process the input. More

Silverlight - Accessing HTML from managed code
Silverlight enables developers to access the host HTML from managed code. This is an extremely powerful feature which can be used to create seamless experiences between the HTML and Silverlight UI. More

Silverlight 1.1 Programming - Full Screen
In this nugget we show you how to make a Silverlight application break outside the 'chrome' of the browser and take up the complete screen. This is very useful for applications which require more desktop real estate such as video players. More

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