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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TableAdapter Overview

TableAdapters provide communication between your application and a database. More specifically, a TableAdapter connects to a database, executes queries or stored procedures, and either returns a new data table populated with the returned data or fills an existing DataTable with the returned data. TableAdapters are also used to send updated data from your application back to the database.

TableAdapters are designer-generated components that improve upon the functionality of DataAdapters. TableAdapters are created with the Dataset Designer inside of strongly typed datasets.

Click here to find the complete information about Table Adapter on MSDN website.

Yesterday I have also attended a Microsoft MSDN Webcast on "ADO.NET Step by Step (Part 8 of 16) using Table Adapters".

Following are the topics covers in this webcast

1. Understanding and Creating TableAdapters
2. TableAdapter classes versus TableAdapter Objects
3. Class and Object Configuration
4. TableAdapter Methods

Click here to download the presnetation file for this webcast.

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