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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

About BizTalk Server 2006

Microsoft BizTalk Server is a server product by Microsoft which is used in for following functions:

1. Business Process Automation
2. Business Process Modeling
3. Business-to-Business communication
4. Enterprise Application Intergarion
5. Message broker

BizTalk server is desgined specially to intergrate systems in loosely coupled way. It provides tools and infrastrucutre companies require to exchange business document among various platforms and operating Systems, regardless of application being used to process the document within or across organizational boundaries.

Most enterprises are looking for BizTalk to solve a particular problem related to having unrelated and disconnected systems exchange data in a standard, consistent, and reliable way. Tools provided in BizTalk allow us to design reliable and robust solutions faster than is often achievable by custom coding a solution from scratch.

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